Text Messaging


We are currently rolling out a text messaging service to let patients know the outcome of their blood tests, as well as as reminders about their appointments.





Your text will either be to inform you that your results are normal or that some further action may need to be taken.


Your results come to us in batches and each batch will generate a new text message. Thus you may get two or more messages from us with different instructions. For example: one message may state that you your blood tests are normal (as that batch was normal), so ther is no need to contact the surgery about these. However, you may also receive another message asking you to contact the surgery because another batch requires further explanation or follow-up.


This service is not available for blood tests taken on behalf of a Consultant at the hospital. Warfarin results and dosages are not included in the service.


Reminders for Appointments At The Surgery


You will initially get a text message when you book the appointment and then another text message 48 hours before your appointment is due.


Appointments with some external health care agencies that use the surgery's rooms are not included in this service.


This service is in conjunction with the messaging about results and these are both turned on together. You cannot choose to have one and not the other.


Practice Information


This service may be extended in the future to include text messages giving general practice information to patients and other results.



If you are interested in this service, please pick up a leaflet and consent form at reception.



Dial 111

For Medical Emergencies

Easthope Road

Church Stretton



Tel: 01694 722127


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