Patient Satisfaction Results 2013 - 2014


Results of Patient Satisfaction Survey 2013 - 2014














The survey was designed and run by the practice’s patient participation group – Strettondale Patient Participation Group (SPPG).


The SPPG decided that they wished to look at ease of access to doctors and nurses, and the helpfulness of the receptionists.


The practice reviews the appointments it offers and the ratio of routine to same day appointments.  The practice’s would like to be able to offer patients a routine appointment with their preferred doctor within a reasonable time frame (less than two weeks which is the national average) so that patients maintain continuity of care.





The PPG utilised the Saturday flu clinics to hand out their questionnaires as there would be a wide range of aged groups attending (patients under 65 years were specifically invited to attend the Saturday flu clinics). The questionnaires were also handed out by receptionists to any patients attending the practice for a month and a random sample of patients aged under 55 years received the questionnaire in the post.  Unfortunately 85% of respondents indicated that they were in the aged range of 65 to 84 years.  The SPPG then analysed the results which are available on the website.



Key Findings


506 questionnaires were completed and returned this year which is more than double the number returned the previous year (143% up on last year).


97% of patients considered the receptionists to be helpful


93% of patients saw the doctor of their choice within 10 days


93% of patients wishing to see a doctor on the same day were able to do so


92% of patients found it easy to talk to the practice on the telephone


88% of patients rated the practice excellent or very good



Comments on the findings by the practice


The practice is very pleased that our patients feel that we are offering the access to doctors and nurses which they wish, whether it is for a routine appointment or for a condition which requires attention on that day. The percentage of patients who were able to see a doctor of their choice within 10 days has increased dramatically from 68% to 93% and reflects the changes made to the appointment system since the last survey.


It is also pleasing that patients find the receptionists helpful, as our receptionists always endeavour to do their best for every patient.



Review of actions from previous year (2012-13)


The actions for 2012-13 as agreed with the SPPG were:


  • Work on a reduction in the time it takes to get an appointment with the doctor of a patient’s choice


After considerable work done in the practice on the appointment system, patients are seeing a real reduction in the time it takes to see the doctor of their choice


  • Improvements to the waiting room and to improve privacy at reception within the constraints of the building

Improvements have been made to the waiting room with new more comfortable seating, new webmedia screen for providing patient information and a new patient call system.  The front doors have also been replaced which has improved the waiting environment and improved access into the building.

Patients are encouraged to telephone the practice for private conversations as this is not possible in an open waiting room.  Due to the constraints of the building it is not possible to provide more privacy in the waiting room.


  • Act on receptionists’ communication skills

Receptionists receive ongoing training around communication and there has been standardisation of the information given to patients.  Work has been done on patient education as to the importance of informing the receptionists of the patient’s requirement so that the receptionists can help and signpost them appropriately.


The SPPG are very happy with the work which the practice has undertaken on the above actions and has written an article for the local community magazine.



Action plan for 2014-15


  • Improve communication with patients through the use of text messaging for appointment reminders and test results


  • Improve patient information on local support groups available


  • Improve patient education through targeted information on the webmedia screen





We would like to thank all our patients who took the time to complete the questionnaire and especially to those members of the SPPG who gave up their free time to help with the patient survey.



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