Patient Satisfaction Results 2014/15



Church Stretton Patient Participation Group Report 2014 - 2015


This is a report for Shropshire and Staffordshire Area Team, NHS England, on the practice's interaction with its patient participation group and highlighting areas where both have worked together to make improvements for patients and carers.














Results of Church Stretton Patient Participation Group Patient Survey Comparison 2014 compared to 2013













Key Findings From Patient Satisfaction Survey Results 2014 - 2015




The survey was designed and run by the practice’s patient participation group – Strettondale Patient Participation Group (SPPG).


The SPPG wished to have a comparison with previous years, so many of the questions remained the same, although questions on text messaging for test results and appointment reminders were added to investigate how successful this new service had been.




The SPPG ran a publicity event outside the local supermarket on a Saturday morning in September to publicise their work, recruit interest from the wider practice population and hand out the questionnaires in order to obtain feedback from a wide range of age groups. The questionnaires were also handed out by receptionists to any patients attending the practice for a month and a random sample of patients aged under 55 years received the questionnaire in the post. The SPPG then analysed the results which are available on the website.


Key Findings


265 questionnaires were completed and returned this year which is disappointing against last year’s 506, especially given the amount of effort put into distributing them widely across all age groups.


95% of patients considered the receptionists to be helpful


82% of patients saw the doctor of their choice within 10 days


87% of patients wishing to see a doctor on the same day were able to do so


92% of patients found it easy to talk to the practice on the telephone


88% of patients rated the practice excellent or very good


82% of patients are aware of the online appointment booking and prescription ordering service, and 97% of those found the service helpful. This follows a successful publicity campaign last September spearheaded by the SPPG.


76% of patients are now aware of SPPG, which is an uplift of 20% on last year’s results, following promotion and publicity by the SPPG.


Many patients (35% of those responding) took the time to add comments, a valuable additional source of feedback.


Comments on the findings by the practice


The practice is very pleased that our patients feel that we are offering the desired access to doctors and nurses, whether it is for a routine appointment or for a condition which requires attention on that day. It is also pleasing that patients find the receptionists helpful, as all our staff try to do their best for every patient.




We would like to thank all our patients who took the time to complete the questionnaire and especially to those members of the SPPG who gave up their free time to give out the questionnaires and analyse the results.


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